Respiratory Protection

///Respiratory Protection

We supply a large range of products that supply respiratory protection for workers and job sites. There are a range of industries that require such protection due to the products they are working in…such as timber works. Sawdust is classified as a particle in its finest form which can damage your airways if the correct protection is not supplied. For something at this level, basic protection is required with either a disposable P2 dust mask or with a half face mask with a particle filter. A more obvious need for respiratory protection would be those working with dangerous chemicals, in these case a higher protection would be required to not only protect from particles, but gases also. Our full face mask would be a great option with a gas filter and even a pre filter for longer lasting filter life.

Asbestos removal is one of the most dangerous environments a worker can be exposed to in regards to protecting your airways. In this case we, just like dangerous gases, we recommend the highest protection with only a full face mask to be used. Filters are a disposable item and have a life span depending on the level of exposure. For a longer lasting filter life you can always purchase pre filters and due to their economical value they can be replaced every time you use your mask.