Headwear Protection

///Headwear Protection

Head wear protection does just that…protects your head! One of the most recognized products for this is of course the hard hat. Hard hats are used and compulsory on many construction sites with a vast range of colours or even printing available. You may think your capable of not bumping your head on a job site BUT what about your surroundings? You can never predict if something above you is going to be completely stable. Falling items such as scaffolding or other workers tools can cause serious damage if your not wearing appropriate head wear protection. We also provide a large range of attachments including the face shield or detachable hard hat brim for extra protection such as particles and sun rays. You can never have to much protection! Comfort is an issue we hear often, that’s why their are items for hearing protection that can also attach to a hard hat to ensure you can wear all your protective items in comfort