Workplace Injuries, Related to Work

//Workplace Injuries, Related to Work

Statistics show that Workers aged 15-24 have the highest rates of injury while working as labourers, technicians, trades workers and sales workers. The most common type of injury in any every age group was sprain/strain although 15-24 age group show more work related injuries than other groups regarding cut/open wound and burns. The following graphs show statistics from 2009-2010 which is a good indication of variations between industries and injuries today.
Male workers: Proportion of workers, hours worked and injuries incurred by occupation, 2009-2010

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Male workers: How injury occurred, proportion by selected occupations, 2009–10

 LabourersCommunity & personal service workersMachinery operators & driversTechnicians & trades workers
Hitting / being hit / cut by an object34%34%21%41%
Lifting, pushing or pulling object31%14%42%21%
Fall on same level (including slip or fall)14%18%11%7%
Fall from height6%0%10%4%
Repetitive movement/prolonged standing7%8%7%12%
Contact with chemical or substance4%13%4%8%
Other mechanisms5%13%5%8%

Male workers: Percentage of injuries by type of injury or illness, 2009–10

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