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Custom Design Your Sportswear

Discover the benefits of using our DIY online designer to create your own Club, or Corporate sportswear. Easy to use... give it a try!

Personal Protection Kit!

Brand New... Our PPE Kit for improved, one-stop workplace safety. Order online today and save nearly $100 on individual-item price. No need to worry about selecting a range of different items. Our experienced team has assembled the most critical items needed for workplace safety.Order yours today.

High Visibility Clothing, Personal Safety Equipment, Leather Work Gloves & Asbestos Safety Equipment

We offer a complete range of personal safety equipment, work wear and PPE High Visibility Clothing across Australia. Our workplace and industrial safety clothes are bright to ensure that you are seen in bleak weather as well as in poor lighting.

We offer brands to the public with fantastic pricing that includes popular work wear suppliers such as Bisley, DNC, Rainbird, Hard Yakka, JB’s wear and Fashionbiz. Personal Safety equipment & clothing protect the workers in the most difficult environment. Be it the extreme UV rays or harsh rain, our safety gear store has products for all. Our safety equipment and clothing include freezer wear for use in cold storage, leather aprons for workers welding or in high-temperature environments, anti-static cotton wear suitable for electrical protection and so on.

Have a query or need some suggestions about the suitability of safety protective clothing and personal safety equipment for your workplace? Our knowledgeable staff members will suggest you the right products. We will also let you know the regulations that apply to your company.

Our safety clothing range is designed to be comfortable so that you can work for long periods and remain protected in all weather conditions.

Our Popular Products:
We have a large range of personal safety products, however, our most popular range includes the following:

Each of these items work independently to bring protection to the employees while they work. Our protective safety clothing and personal safety equipment are priced reasonably. We have made these products affordable to all the customers in Australia. Visit our online store for a better understanding of the products.

If you get a visit from the Work-safe Inspector, you’ll be confident knowing that you have complied with all the regulations related to protective wear and safety equipment for your employees.
Stay safe in our quality protective clothing for all industries and occupations!

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